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“Without the little things in life, you don’t have the big things in life” 

STOP PRESS!!…..New art course. At Slimbridge Wetland Centre – “Painting & Studying Insect Lifecycles”.18th and 19th April. Come and pay homage to this wonderful process through the medium of art. Cath will be bringing along lots of beautiful specimens as well as taking participants into the magical unseen world of metamorphosis. Click http://www.wwt.org.uk/…/painting-and-studying-insect-lifec…/

Cath with one of her favourite Lepidoptera, the world’s biggest moth, the Atlas Moth

Cath Hodsman is a Cotswolds-based artist and illustrator, who is one of the country’s foremost natural-history artists. Her passion and specialism is painting and sketching insects. In order to pay homage to their hidden beauty, she aims for 100% anatomical accuracy in every artistic study she produces. As such, she sells her work at the world-famous Natural History Museum, London. Through her beautiful scientific approach to her work, she has also been made a member of the prestigious, Society of Biology. She is also well-known for her ever-popular and unique insect painting and sketching courses. With these, she is a registered tutor with the illustrious Royal West of England Academy , as well as many other relevant esteemed artistic and natural history clientage and venues.

Her work is in high demand for its illustrative value and as such, she provides work for relevant publications such as Countryfile magazine, the British Beekeeper’s Association, Leisure Painter and so on.

Her work also pays homage to the great Aurelians, such as John_Curtis_(entomologist) and as such, is recognised on the Aurelian Books website, along with other similar illustrious artists, such as Richard Lewington Bloomsbury publishing have also used her skilful work to encourage up and coming artists to follow their dreams of becoming a full-time artist. Cath has written several art tutorials for their on-line blog and given interviews. Below is one of her most popular,…..

This is the finished result of the latest painting tutorial that Cath was asked to do for Bloomsbury publishing. Click on the link below to find out how to paint this lovely composition.

   Bloomsbury Publishing Painting Tutorial. This painting is also available to purchase on Cath’s Botanic Gallery.

Her intricate and beautiful paintings of the natural world are in high demand for their illustrative value and as such, she is a regular contributor to publications such as the BBC’s Country File Magazine and Leisure Painter.

  Cath’s watercolour painting of Lychnis for July’s edition of Countryfile magazine. “How to paint wildflowers” This delightful w/c painting is available to purchase click here for more details…. Countryfile Wildflower Painting Commission.

Conservation Work:

Cath also uses her skills in painting and drawing to champion conservation causes in the natural world. As such, she is a member of the Amateur Entomologists’ Society, Butterfly Conservation, Glos’ Wildlife Trust and so on. Through her artwork, she has been involved in many important conservation projects ranging from saving critically endangered beetles in Slovenia, helping save critically endangered British flora and fauna with the Species Recovery Trust, to establishing a 7000 sq mile Scottish wildcat  sanctuary in Scotland 

Community Work:

Her work is also used to raise funds for community causes such as the 2014 Festival of the Hares in Cirencester. This is “Mariposa”, her butterfly hare, featuring decoupage of all of Cath’s butterfly and moth paintings……She was auctioned for £800.00 in October 2014 – 80% of which went to one of her favourite conservation groups, Butterfly Conservation.


  Her main passion is insects, but she paints and draws all forms of wildlife. More details of Cath’s wildlife and conservation involvement can also been found on her Blog

The stunning Cicada Montana, the UK’s only Cicada. It is found only in the New Forest and is critically endangered. This is one of three images soon to feature in a new postcard series Cath was asked to paint by “The Species Recovery Trust”. A wonderful conservation organisation that raises both funds and awareness to help support actions to save British animals and plants that are critically endangered.

To see the full range of the conservation greetings cards from The Species Recovery Trust, click here. http://www.speciesrecoverytrust.org.uk/Shop.htm

A Natural History Museum Artist affiliated artist:

Cath sells her art all over the world and in may specialist wildlife and natural-history venues, including the world’s most famous museum – The Natural History Museum in London. In association with their “Prints on Demand” Service…….

To find out more about purchasing Cath’s work at The Natural History Museum,click on the link. Natural History Museum, London – Picture Library

Cath’s unique, fascinating and ever-popular, insect art courses:

In addition, Cath runs fascinating insect painting courses and children’s’ insect arts and crafts sessions. Both adult and children’s’ events combine painting and craft with an exclusive look into the secret world of insects, using high-powered microscopes and a huge range of incredible specimens to produce detailed and beautiful paintings and works of art. Something completely original and totally absorbing……. Some of her microscopy art tutorials are used by relevant organisations, such as Microscopy UK  

Enthusiastic painters and entomologists on one of Cath’s fascinating courses.

See the full range Cath’s artwork on her Galleries – Birds Gallery  ,  Insect GalleryBotanical Gallery ,  Mammalian Gallery , Greetings Cards or Commissions

“There is a common denominator that links  all these artists – the profound joy that all feel who observe the natural world with the sustained & devoted intensity that is needed properly to portray it”  – David Attenborough Introduction of the book “Amazing Rare Things”

Take a look at Cath’s Blog too, to find out more about her many projects…..

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