Exhibitions,Talks & Shows.


Cath attends relevant conservation and natural history art exhibitions and events throughout the year. As they are booked, they will feature in the list below……..  

Sun 16th July 2023 – 10-4.00. Cath will be hosting a Bee Tutorial and Conservation day with Brigit Strawbridge-Howard (author of Dancing with Bees)

Thurs 21st Sept 2023 (evening event) – “Why Insects Are So Important To Us All” 

A unique talk and art session with Cath Hodsman, AMRSB in appreciation of one of our most important & fascinating groups of animals – insects….at Charlton King’s very own Eco/Conservation Summit. 

Cath, talking at a previous Tetbury Art Society event.

Cath, painting at Painswick Rococo Gardens.