Insect Painting and Sketching Courses.


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Below are the course dates fixed for the forthcoming year …Scroll down until you reach the dates below the first few images………


Participants on one of Cath’s fascinating insect art/microscopy courses, held at her home-based classrooms.


Student artwork from her workshop, “Capturing the Beauty of Beetles”


   Jan – Apr – 2019 – “Studying and Painting in the Style of Natural History Heroes”  Based at her home-based studios and classrooms in the South Cotswolds – Minchinhampton Common. Next term, Cath will introduce 4 of her personal natural history/entomological and artistic heroes – Talk about their discoveries; What obstacles, prejudices and hardships they overcame to discover, invent, paint, draw and record this secret, unique and miniature world. Her chosen hero for her own piece of artwork next term will be Robert Hooke, but the work of Maria Merian, John Curtis and  F W Frohawke will be celebrated too . Each individual, incredible in their own unique way – As artists, entomologists, pioneers or inventors, who made massive contributions in the study and artistic celebration and communication of entomology. Students will then choose their own hero to study and paint/sketch in the style of – A unique and fascinating artistic challenge. Click to register cath hodsman 2019 natural history heroes info leaflet 

17 Sept 2019 – 2.00 – 4.00 – Lechlade Art Society. Cath will be talking to this illustrious art society about her artwork; the wonderful organisations that she has work alongside and her passionate love and fascination of insects.

7 – 8 December 2019 – “Studying and Painting in the Style of Maria Merian” – Nature in Art. Spend a fascinating weekend with like-minded souls, exploring the work and life of famed entomological pioneer and artist, Maria Merian. Having recorded and discovered the metamorphic lifecycle of butterflies, she has been described as one of the most important scientists of all time. Cath will take students on an incredible journey, from Holland to the jungles of Surinam, exploring Maria’s many amazing achievements. Then, once fired up by this unique woman, each student will produce a beautiful watercolour painting in her beautiful and colourful style. Booking details to follows soon – Or email Simon Trapnell at Nature in Art to book a place now