Insect Painting and Sketching Courses.

Cath and participants on one of her fascinating insect art/microscopy courses

 Cath teaches on workshops with relevant partner organisations in the region, such as Nature in Art in Gloucester. 


18th Sept 2021 – 10.30 – 4.00. In the beautiful surroundings of the Corinium Museum (suitable for all levels) Part two of an “Artistic and Scientific Appreciation of Metamorphosis – the Beautiful and Mysterious Lifecycle of Butterflies and Moths”

This watercolour painting day is a continuation from the first workshop on metamorphosis held on the 7th Aug 2021, at the Corinium, where Cath introduced this amazing natural process. (Not necessary to have been on the previous workshop to enjoy the second)

Cath and course participants will study the second half of this mysterious phenomenon of nature and how it manifests itself in butterflies and moths. 

 As with Cath’s other courses, each student will have access to their own high-powered microscopes, as well as her large selection of ethically sourced insect specimens and macro photos, to study the hidden beauty of this incredible process. 

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An equipment list will be sent out after booking.

9th October 2021 – 10.30 – 4.00 (New date) “Studying and Painting Pollinating Insects” The Corinium Museum, Glos. UK   This workshop is aimed at watercolour painting beginners and for those who want to learn more about the hidden worlds that are all around us. It will examine the essential and fascinating relationship between pollinating insects and the plants that they live in, on and around. It will look at how plants provide food for insects, in return for pollination and how the insects obtain this food.

Each student will have exclusive use of their own dedicated microscope, magnifying glasses and macro photographs, as well as Cath’s own huge insect (ethically sourced) specimen collection, to look at the anatomy of insects, in order to produce a unique and detailed watercolour painting.  Click to book:

An equipment list will be sent out on booking a place on the course

Beautiful intricate watercolour painting of the lovely Common Carder bee on Verbena bonariensis.

20-21st November  – Nature in Art – “Studying and Sketching Solitary Bees”. On this unique event, students will learn more about the fascinating lifecycle of these pollinator power-houses and then how to capture their beauty in a detailed sketch. Click for details on Nature in Art’s website. Nature in Art Gallery and Museum

Portrait of a male Red Mason bee (Osmia bicornis) The feature bee for this workshop at Nature in Art