Siphonaptera Gallery (Fleas).

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A beautiful, intricate pencil study of a flea. This is a microscopy sketch, completed by Cath, whilst looking through a scope lens. It is done in the same style as the British 1600’s Natural Philosopher, Robert Hooke. This study is Cath’s own artistic homage to one of her personal heroes. It is also acknowledged as one Hooke’s most well-known artistic/scientific studies, taken from his ground-breaking book, “Micrographia”. The text in the “labels” are Hooke’s own words, taken from Micrographia – Words he used to describe his own personal observations of flea anatomy, seen for the first time by anyone and only made possible by the microscope. This unique publication launched the first microscopy studies onto the world stage and opened up new era in scientific study and appreciation of the natural world. Framed (in light oak) original pencil study painting 16″ x 20″, £350.00, plus P&P. Mounted limited edition print, 16″ x 20″, £45.00,plus P&P. Unmounted limited edition print, £25.00, plus P&P. To order, see instructions at the top of the page