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Cath runs art/insect workshops from her home-based studio and classrooms in the Cotswolds. These monthly events run on the first and second Monday and Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise stated). They are great fun and very informative. Cath teaches each group about insect anatomy, lifestyle and lifecycles in a fun and informal way and then how to paint them by producing a unique and intricate watercolour painting, or using a medium of your choice. 

All skill levels are welcome on Cath’s art wokshops – From beginner, through to expert – There is something for everyone.

Some of the Tuesday class with Cath, discussing painting techniques.A fresh year of Cath’s insect/art workshops has now begun. This term (January – April) will introduce new and exciting challenges for her students. The subject of this first term will focus on those talented and committed individuals in history, who have brought  art and entomology to the forefront, to help advance our understanding and appreciation of insects and their importance in a healthy and and balanced ecology. For more info on the first term, “Studying and Painting in the Style of Natural History Heroes” , please scroll down to the bottom of the page….. 

Cath has adopted the work and style of famous microscopy artist, Robert Hooke (1645-1703) . His most well-known work is of a sketch of a flea – Done whilst looking through a microscope – Something that had never been done, or seen before. All its intricacy, strength and (dare I say it) beauty revealed. This is his sketch and Cath’s adaptation is underneath.  

…..And this is Cath’s own interpretation…..Also done whilst looking through a microscope…. Click for purchase info

Cath’s students have each adopted their own Natural History Hero for this term, whose work they plan to emulate – Either John Curtis – ,Maria Merian , F.W. Frohawk or Robert Hooke.  Below are shots taken from theMarch session, as students continue their projects. Included, are also shots of other beautiful artwork they have completed independently, as well as an amazing giant wasp’s nest that Jean very kindly brought in for all to see and then donated it to a very grateful Cath.  See Gallery for images…

Catherine, a regular on the Tuesday group is poorly and so the whole group send her their own unique visual “Get well soon” …..

Artists, nature-lovers and keen insect fans of all skill levels are welcome to come along and indulge themselves in their favourite subjects. Students are also able to take full advantage of Cath’s fascinating and comprehensive insect specimen collection (all natural death); use high-powered microscopes and also pick her brains on her favourite subject – Bugs! – A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning or a day, mixing with like-minded souls and to use art to pay homage to the best and most important things in life.

For more info on these fun and informative art/insect workshops, email Cath on .

Next term (May – Aug) Cath and students will explore “Insect Talents” – This term will look specifically at insect flight (Dragonfly flight, to be precise) – A talent that has helped insects to become the most successful group of animals on Earth. Click for more info  caths wrkshps studying & pting insect flight 2nd term 19 info leaflet  Email Cath to find out more. (see above email address)

Common Darter – Copyright Cath Hodsman. Watercolour 

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