Student Art Gallery and Cath’s Latest Art Work.

Cath runs art/insect workshops from her home-based studio and classrooms on the beautiful Minchinhampton Common, near the lovely Cotswold town of Stroud. These monthly events run on the first and second Monday and Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise stated). They are great fun and very informative. Cath teaches each group about insect anatomy, lifestyle and life cycles in a fun and informal way and then how to paint them by producing a unique and intricate watercolour painting, or using a medium or art style of their choice. 

Some of the Tuesday class, happy in their work…

All skill levels are welcome on Cath’s art workshops – From beginner, through to expert – There is something for everyone.

Some of the Tuesday class with Cath, discussing painting techniques.2020 has started with a bang. For the first term of the year, Cath has chosen to tackle technical aspects of drawing, immortilised in a solitary bee portrait….

Jan – Apr 2020 – Term 1. Home based workshops. “Studying and Capturing Light, Shade and Texture in a Bee Portrait.” Capturing drama in art is the secret to its success – harnessing low lights, highlights and texture helps create mood as well realism. For this term, Cath will take students on a journey that focuses on these important elements.  She will show students how to get a little extra finesse into artwork by emphasising the very dark, the very light and the very textured areas of any study. 

Each student will then go onto complete a beautiful and detailed graphite sketch of a male solitary red mason bee. (Osmia bicornis) Or an insect of their choice

In line with this, students will also learn about the fascinating life cycle of solitary bees, that make up 90% of the UK’s collective bee species; about how solitary bees make much more effective pollinators than both honey bees and bumble bees and how creating habitat, nesting sites and material for solitary bees is easy and fun to do….involving anything from rotten wood to empty snail shells….! ” 

For more info, click here: – Studying and Capturing Light, shade texture info sheet3

For the second session, all students started on the bee sketch. They concentrated first on the shading of the bee’s roosting hole and then on capturing the fluffy bee’s head hairs. Below are images of everyone hard at work and also beautiful insect art work completed from last term and other artwork completed independently. All lovely and inspiring to see….

Gill’s beautiful bee triptych

The above image is, “Peepo”, Cath’s finished graphite sketch of a male Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis) Copyright, Cath Hodsman. Click on link for purchase info

Term 2 – May – Aug 2020 – Homebased workshops.  – “Unsung Heroes of the Insect World and how to see that Black is never Black”. – In this term Cath will sing the praises of the enigmatic, powerful and characterful, Dung Beetle. Cath’s student’s will study the lifecycle and lifestyle of these wonderful and ecologically important insects. A lovely British Dor dung beetle will then be painted, whilst also studying the light refracting and light reflecting wonder of the natural world, where colours are rarely what they seem –  Black is never black…Click for more details caths wrkshps studying & pntng dng beetlest 2nd trm 20 info leaflet 

Other recent entomological workshops – Blue Morpho Butterfly Painting weekend at Nature in Art: – 7-8 Dec 2019: – 

Cath also travels around the region and teaches her insect-art at prestigious venues such as Nature in Art, Glos. Click to find out more about this wonderful organisation

Below are photos taken from Cath’s weekend workshop on studying and painting butterflies at Nature in Art: –  Some beautiful work was produced from some wonderfully talented people…

Artists, nature-lovers and keen insect fans of all skill levels are welcome to come along and indulge themselves in their favourite subjects. Students are also able to take full advantage of Cath’s fascinating and comprehensive insect specimen collection (all natural death); use high-powered microscopes and also pick her brains on her favourite subject – Bugs! – A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning or a day, mixing with like-minded souls and to use art to pay homage to the best and most important things in life.

For more info on these fun and informative art/insect workshops, email Cath on .


Gill’s beautiful bee triptych of three gorgeous British bumble bees.

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