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Cath runs art/insect workshops from her home-based studio and classrooms in the Cotswolds. These monthly events run on the first and second Monday and Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise stated). They are great fun and very informative. Cath teaches each group about insect anatomy, lifestyle and life cycles in a fun and informal way and then how to paint them by producing a unique and intricate watercolour painting, or using a medium or art style of their choice. 

All skill levels are welcome on Cath’s art workshops – From beginner, through to expert – There is something for everyone.

Some of the Tuesday class with Cath, discussing painting techniques.The 2019 teaching year is now well underway, with one term already completed. In the second term (May – Aug) Cath have been studying “Insect Talents” – This term focused on insect flight (Dragonfly flight, to be precise) – A talent that has helped insects to become the most successful group of animals on Earth. In the context of this, the students have studied and painted the Brown Hawker dragonfly. A lovely insect, famed for staying up later in the day than other dragonflies and has even been seen on the wing, the same time as bats. 

Below is Cath’s own completed Brown Hawker study (watercolour and pen) –  Her students have also produced some amazing artwork of their own too. See the Gallery below for more images. (Original photographic image credited to Roy and Marie Battell)  … Click on the link for purchase info


 Below are images taken from the fourth and final session of this term. It features students’ own lovely artwork, completed at home and also their wonderful Brown Hawker paintings, or other wonderful insect or animal artwork…  

Artists, nature-lovers and keen insect fans of all skill levels are welcome to come along and indulge themselves in their favourite subjects. Students are also able to take full advantage of Cath’s fascinating and comprehensive insect specimen collection (all natural death); use high-powered microscopes and also pick her brains on her favourite subject – Bugs! – A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning or a day, mixing with like-minded souls and to use art to pay homage to the best and most important things in life.

For more info on these fun and informative art/insect workshops, email Cath on .

The third term of this year (Sept -Dec 2019) will explore mixing painting insects with other animal groups – Birds. “The Beauty of Bugs and Birds” Click for info leaflet cath h Bugs and Birds info leaflet 

Below is the artwork that will feature in the third term – Cath’s intricate watercolour painting, celebrating Bugs and Birds from Central and South America. It is an homage to the colour, diversity, quirkiness and beauty of the natural world. Click for purchase info:

“Bugs and Birds” – Macaw, Morpho and others – Copyright Cath Hodsman. Watercolour 

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